Did you know? These plants and trees need to be trimmed in August

Now that we are in mid-August, there is no better month to think about trimming trees and plants before Fall comes. In fact, light trimming helps promote growth and shape for when the Fall season arrives. In this time, the essential trimming is aimed at controlling the size of the plant and ensuring the correct posture.

What are the plants and trees to trim in August? Here is the answer:

Shrubs with long branches need to be shorten down to one meter (around 40 inches). Doing so stimulates flowering. Among these plants we find wisteria and climbing roses. Wisteria needs to be trimmed in both summer and winter.

What to do: a good trimming consists in cutting the final stems leaving three or four leaves of the growth of the current season; then remove just some of the older stems that the bottom will not completely remain bare. Flowers will be left at the top of the plant.

As for the roses, it is good to remove the thin, dead, sick or dying stems. It is also advisable to prune any soft growth, and shorten the side shoots.

August is also the ideal month for trimming fruit trees, such as:


Pear tree

Lemon tree

What to do: in the case of these 3 type of fruit trees, leave space that allows more light and air to enter the tree top. This will allow the fruit to ripen.

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