The Last Article You Will Ever Have to Read About Inflation!

I know you’re sick and tired of hearing about Inflation. You cannot open a browser without seeing an article about it. For this, I apologize in advance. However, this is the last article you will ever need to read in regards to inflation!

Inflation is when prices for goods increases and the peoples power to buy those goods decreases. You can also think of it in terms of basic supply and demand. Supply goes down, demand goes up, the inability to feed the supplies needed causes it to go down more to the point is no longer worth what you are paying. How did this happen? Where did we as a nation go wrong? It is easy to blame President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, but they are not the cause of inflation. If we look closely, during the height of the pandemic, an issue was building. This issue was transportation. Transportation, whether it be ships, trucks, or trains, is a vital lifeline for every county, state, and country. When the workers in this sector begin to leave their jobs, or refuse to do what is expected of them, and for valid reasons, then the ability to feed the demand for more supply comes crashing down. Some workers wanted better hours, more pay, better benefits. This is not unreasonable. Everyone should be afforded enough to have a roof over their head and food on their table. These are not luxuries like some would want you to believe. These are basic human rights. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said everyone deserves, Life, Liberty, and Property. I know, I know, he is not the greatest role model given his historical track record, and what class of people he meant this for is irrelevant. Life, Liberty, and Property, everyone, in every nation, deserves this. Back to the main topic though, these transportation workers begin doing what every over worked individual will do, they strike, they strike at borders, at ports, and now the goods get stuck. You should take note that the goods were getting stuck before hand, because companies were unable to increase the fleets they had to adjust for the need for more supplies. The strikes made it worse. Less goods, means higher prices. Your bosses won’t increase your salary or hourly wage, so now you make the same money, but spend 8-10% more on everything. Your monthly budgets get all out of whack and now you’re hyperventilating at the kitchen table with your smart phone staring back at you. What can be done to stop all of this?

Here is what you, the individual who wants to not worry about inflation, needs to do. First, after finishing this article, never read another doomsday inflation article. Inflation will get better, supply and demand will level out, and people will start taking on these jobs. This doesn’t mean there won’t be high turnover in some sectors, but things will begin to ease. So, stop worrying. Go out expecting to pay a little more, and if you really don’t want to, start looking up what you can do at home. Instead of bread, by Flour and yeast and make dozens of loaves of bread for much cheaper than what you would normally pay. Start gardening to get those fruits and vegetables you love. If you do not have a yard, maybe you live in a condo or an apartment building, look into community gardening. It is a great way to safely socialize and do good for you and your neighbors. This much is in your control. If you need to lease or finance a car, know the prices went up, but don’t let them trick you into paying hundreds more. The prices went up, but they didn’t go up that much. Adjust your budgets to try and save what you can and avoid taking out any unnecessary loans, at least until the rates start dropping again. For all it’s worth, you may want to stop focusing on the daily ups and downs of the stock market as well. Unless you’re a day trader on Wall Street, it means nothing to you. Stop looking at who to blame and who to punish and start acting in a way that benefits you and those around you. When it comes time for elections, remember to go vote for those that will help the workers, the humans, not the companies, the actual humans who deserve more than to be treated like a cog in a machine.

I can go on all day about these different topics, but I am leaving you with that bit of advice, take action on everything within your control and stop worrying about what isn’t in your control. It isn’t worth the energy to worry about such things.

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